Managing Partner Rebecca Hicks authored the Women and Minority-owned Businesses chapter in Roderick Robertson’s newest book, Winning at Entrepreneurship. The book imparts knowledge from Mr. Robertson’s extensive entrepreneurial background as well as experience and knowledge from eight talented guest writers, including Ms. Hicks. Ms. Hicks’ chapter outlines the benefits of obtaining a women or minority owned certification for your business. More information can be found on Mr. Robertson’s website:

“It’s very important for women and minority-owned businesses to understand the tremendous opportunities available to them from Federal and State governments, as well as private entities with established diversity programs. Depending on business type, and target customers, have a women owned or minority owned certification may be a strategic advantage. This chapter explains the major certifications and programs so that entreprenuers can make informed decisions about whether certification will benefit their emerging company.” said Ms. Hicks.

Roderick Robertson is the Managing Partner of Briggs Capital ( a Boston based international Mergers & Acquisition firm that he has managed since 2001. Rod has personally led over fifty successful transactions in buying, selling and raising capitals for deals typically ranging up to $30m in size.<